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What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is the Japanese art of healing and health maintenance. It treats the body as a network of energy channels called meridians. The life force (ki) flows along these pathways, maintaining the well being of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual expressions. This energy becomes blocked by stress and trauma. The result is stagnation or imbalance in the related ares, which can be experienced as pain, discomfort, stiffness, fatigue and/or a general loss of well-being and happiness. When this condition is not relieved, it can develop into chronic and acute medical disorders. Shiatsu releases stress by triggering the relaxation response, and then restores energy flow throughout the body by treating the meridians and acupressure points. The vital energy supplies previously blocked areas so that health and happiness can be restored.

Shiatsu is a pleasurable and revitalizing acupressure massage that enhances our well-being. It can be enjoyed for relief of tension and physical discomfort, for pleasure and health maintenance, and as a continuing process of self-discovery and growth. Shiatsu strengthens the immune system, improves and maintains our health and increases body awareness. Treatment also facilitates the release of old stresses that are stored in the body. A full body treatment is an acupressure massage, using primarily thumb and palm pressure with rocking, stretching and kneading. The pressure and technique are adjusted to you, so that you will always remain within your comfort range. Your session will take about an hour and you will be fully clothed on a comfortable futon or table. My role is to access your energy flow and support you in a safe and caring enviornment as you open to your own unique journey.


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