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Mira Perogine
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"Mira really helped my lower back problem. As a private investigator, I sit in my car and at the computer a lot. I was in agony until I met Mira! She really helped me with my back and also with reducing my stress."

- Jay, Private Investigator in NJ


"My experience with Mira was like nothing I have ever experienced before. I had been hit by a car while riding a bike home and I had severl pelvic fractures and soft tissue injuries, when I met Mira for the first time. She did gentle Reiki on me - and what a difference it made! Right after, i felt lighter, the inflammation had gone down, and my head was clearer than ever. She helped with my pain, migraines, and so much more."

- Melody Gardot, accident victim in NJ


"As a client of Mira for the last four years, I can personally attest that her massage Treatments, especially the Japanese hot stone, have been very helpful to me. Her knowledge of the various kinds of massage therapies plus her understanding of Eastern philosophy behind it makes it both a healthy and spiritual experience each time. I have also had ear candling which has helped my breathing and sleeping. I always feel better both mentally and physically every time."

                                             - Marylou Havers, School Teacher


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